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00-basic-build-r240706.diff2012-Oct-03 14:39:192.7Ktext/plain
00-basic-build-r240706.diff.240920122012-Oct-03 14:38:553.6Kapplication/octet-stream
01-ripemd160-r240746-r240766-r240795.diff2012-Sep-24 19:57:0011.9Ktext/plain
02-disable-comments-r240748.diff2012-Sep-24 19:57:013.0Ktext/plain
03-no-directory-warnings-r240749.diff2012-Sep-24 19:57:012.5Ktext/plain
04-ignore-w-r240751.diff2012-Sep-24 19:57:011.5Ktext/plain
05-4space-indent-r240756-r240765.diff2012-Sep-24 19:57:0210.2Ktext/plain
06-freebsd-output-compat-r240766.diff2012-Sep-24 19:57:021.1Ktext/plain
07-nanosecond-format-r240767.diff2012-Sep-24 19:57:021.9Ktext/plain
08-xname-and-xid-r240785-r240934.diff2012-Oct-03 15:00:172.0Ktext/plain
08-xname-and-xid-r240785.diff.240920122012-Oct-03 14:59:021.7Kapplication/octet-stream
09-f-spec1-f-spec2-r240786-r240788-r240791-r240794.diff2012-Sep-24 19:57:0312.8Ktext/plain
10-encode-globs-r240789.diff2012-Sep-24 19:57:030.6Ktext/plain
11-update-mtime-r240790-r240792.diff2012-Sep-24 19:57:041.2Ktext/plain
12-nochange-r240796.diff2012-Sep-24 19:57:061.9Ktext/plain
README.txt2012-Sep-24 20:19:332.3Ktext/plain
This directory contains series of patches that are required (but not
sufficient) to build NetBSD's mtree on FreeBSD and which add all
FreeBSD features.  Most are generally applicable, but some bits are
FreeBSD specific.

All diffs are svn diffs so diffs involving multiple revs touch the same file
multiple times and thus may not apply cleanly.

All this work was performed in the FreeBSD svn repository in the
projects/mtree area.  These diff are to  Changes to libc as
well as a set of compatibility headers and an alternative make file are
required to make the build work.  The headers and makefile can be found at

	The set of changes I needed to make to build mtree after shimming
	as many incompatibilities as I could with headers.  Some might make
	sense to commit, others should probably live in the FreeBSD tree.

	Add support for the ripemd160digest keyword and abstract the name
	that is output for each digest function to choose the FreeBSD
	defaults on FreeBSD and retain existing behavior elsewhere.
	I changed approach so the diff is a little hard to read.

	Implement the FreeBSD option -n to suppress comments in output.

	Implement the FreeBSD option -q to silence some directory warnings.

	Ignore the -w option as the NetBSD default is close and the FreeBSD
	version is risky.

	Implement the FreeBSD -i option as -j to indent the output
	four spaces per level.

	A couple somewhat dubious output diff reductions to FreeBSD.

	Fix a bug where nanoseconds were misformatted.

	Allow gname and gid or uname and uid to both be output when requested.

	Implement FreeBSD's "-f spec1 -f spec2" spec comparison feature.

	Encode glob characters to avoid surprises when using the resulting
	spec to update a tree.
	Make the -t option default on FreeBSD to match current behavior and
	add -T to disable it.

	Implement FreeBSD's nochange keyword.
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